M​.​D​.​A​.​H VOL​.​1 - "Arradiofórmulas"

by Lana Lee

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ESP: Serie experimental construida a partir de samplers utilizados en conciertos o en estudio. Grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Lana Lee entre Abril y Mayo de 2016.

ENG: Series of experimental recordings that were built around samplers that were used either live or in the studio. Recordad, mixed and mastered by Lana Lee between April and May of 2016.


released May 19, 2016


* Instrumentación Adicional: Lana Lee (Manuel: Batería y Percusión. - Rupert: Bajo, Sintetizador y Ambientes - Nacho: Guitarra, Delay, Sampler y Ambientes).
* Yan Lin: Introducción en "Chinos".
* José A. "Calypso": Voces en "Sí-CÓ!- Delia". Autor de la letra de "Sí-CÓ-Delia".
* Chuchi Simón: Traducciones.


* Additional Instruments: Lana Lee (Manuel: Drums & Assorted Percussion. - Rupert: Bass, Synthesizer & Ambiental Droning Sounds - Nacho: Guitar, Delay, Sampler & Ambiental Feedbacks).
* Yan Lin: Introduction Speech in "Chinos".
* José A. "Calypso": Vocals, Lyrics and Text author in "Sí-CÓ!- Delia".
* Chuchi Simón: Translation Support.




Lana Lee zaragoza, Spain

Lana Lee started making music in 2003.
They released a demo in 2005, plus two EP's in 2007 and in 2010.
They turned into a fully instrumental band in 2010 showing more focus on melody, that was displayed in two more EP's in 2012 and 2014.
They have also an experimental side which has been reflected in a new series of DIY recordings...
... more to come soon!.
... more

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Track Name: Sí-CÓ!-Delia
Parte I:

"You got me in your hand,
fields of flowers are looking dead.
You put me in your cage.
Now the sun is burning my head,
You picked me from the crowd,
and the explosion was bright and loud,
don't think my love for you will last forever, will last forever"

"You let the sun go down,
and let the flowers die on the ground.
You burn your starry crown,
let me ask you what`s all about.
You got a frozen hand,
and you can touch the edge of this land.
We reach the silent blue,
and sail forever, and sail forever",

"Man, here I am!!,
Gazing at the horizon,
Drowning in the fang,
each day is a spiral,
I 've been walking on a road of bones,
I 've been surfing the volcano's tongue,
I was cut by chisel
and beat by the hammer
What do you mean???
You are just a man
What do you see??
You are just a god!!!!"

Parte II:

"Es el surco de los años,
mira el fuego esta en tus manos.
Es la dicha en la tiniebla,
corren llamas por tus venas.
El veneno de Dios te espera en el altar,
El veneno de Eios te espera en el altar.
El diablo es vida, la vida es un diablo.
El diablo es vida, la vida es un diablo.
El diablo es vida, la vida es un diablo.
El diablo es vida, la vida es un diablo.
Pronto serás parte de la familia...
Que corta con su espada torrentes y desiertos".

Autor: José A. "Calypso"